Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well, That's Interesting...

Even when swamped with editing and vetting galley proofs, I find interesting things to read on my strolls through cyberspace. Here are a few posts that got me thinking or left me laughing.

1. This week's top spot goes to NightTempest for making me laugh out loud. The Agony and Joy of Reader Email. Thanks, Night! And for the record... this guy is the greatest! That is so totally what I do!

2. "Where to Draw the Line in Dub-Con Fiction." Augusta Li shares her thoughts on pushing the line of consent. It's no secret I enjoy dub-con and even cross the non-con line. Good reading for anyone interested in exactly where that line lies. I had to deal with this issue in Captive Heart and make clearer that Julissa was enjoying being ravished... at least up to the point it hurt. First penetration can be kind of a contradiction that way. "Yes, yes... oh yes... wait! Ouch! Stop!"

3. If you're a writer, chances are you've done battle with a blurb or two. Blurbs terrify many writers, in large part because they're misunderstood. Tara Lain does a great job here of explaining what blurbs are and--better yet--how to write them, in Oh NO! I Have to Write a Blurb!

4. I love historical romance and write secondary world fantasy, so it's helpful to find sites that explore how things we currently take for granted might have been in the past. For example, body odor. Let's face it, even modern humans can work up a stink... and we have running water. So this post by Eliza Knight is a delight. History of Hygiene: Bathing, Teeth Cleaning, Toileting & Deodorizing.

Now I really must finish proofing the galley for The Prince of Winds. :)

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