Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prince of Winds Release Date

Let me say upfront I had a busy weekend. Ken the Radical Artist flew in from Atlanta for our annual fantasy football draft and we all had a great visit, drafted awesome fantasy teams, hashed out which of the world's great evils is the evilest... for the record, that would be the automaker who made his car... and talked about his great plans for internet comics and indie films. His brother is Mike the Conqueror, and they have long striven to prove who has the greater plan. Time will tell, but their relationship inspired some nice bits in The Prince of Winds.

Speaking of which...

The Prince of Winds will be released by Dreamspinner on September 12th. That's right, my baby has a delivery date. It's the story of a young man who achieves his dream of becoming an eagle warrior, only to end up on the losing side of a war and become the captive of a mysterious demon prince. The prince is one of three cursed brothers. You can read the blurb for the book here.

Oh, and here is the cover!


  1. OOOOOHHHHH.... I love this story :) So glad to see it's coming out soon too! Looks like I've got a lot of reading ahead of me! Yay!!


    1. I didn't plan on having so many books come out at once! It kind of worked out that way on the publishers' schedules. I actually thought there'd be a two or three month gap between books. :/ People are going to think I'm prolific, but my speed is really more like two or three books a year tops.