Friday, August 31, 2012

If You Dare...

I'm at Shira Anthony's place this morning, launching the Labor Day weekend with a groundbreaking blog post.

10 Reasons to Put a Tentacle Monster in Your Story.

Yep, ten. There are actually more reasons, like finding creepy wallpaper for your computer, but I thought ten were enough. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well, That's Interesting...

Even when swamped with editing and vetting galley proofs, I find interesting things to read on my strolls through cyberspace. Here are a few posts that got me thinking or left me laughing.

1. This week's top spot goes to NightTempest for making me laugh out loud. The Agony and Joy of Reader Email. Thanks, Night! And for the record... this guy is the greatest! That is so totally what I do!

2. "Where to Draw the Line in Dub-Con Fiction." Augusta Li shares her thoughts on pushing the line of consent. It's no secret I enjoy dub-con and even cross the non-con line. Good reading for anyone interested in exactly where that line lies. I had to deal with this issue in Captive Heart and make clearer that Julissa was enjoying being ravished... at least up to the point it hurt. First penetration can be kind of a contradiction that way. "Yes, yes... oh yes... wait! Ouch! Stop!"

3. If you're a writer, chances are you've done battle with a blurb or two. Blurbs terrify many writers, in large part because they're misunderstood. Tara Lain does a great job here of explaining what blurbs are and--better yet--how to write them, in Oh NO! I Have to Write a Blurb!

4. I love historical romance and write secondary world fantasy, so it's helpful to find sites that explore how things we currently take for granted might have been in the past. For example, body odor. Let's face it, even modern humans can work up a stink... and we have running water. So this post by Eliza Knight is a delight. History of Hygiene: Bathing, Teeth Cleaning, Toileting & Deodorizing.

Now I really must finish proofing the galley for The Prince of Winds. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Out and About

I'm out and about promoting my books, so if you're interested in perhaps picking up a free copy, or learning more, here are some great blogs to visit:

NightTempest is not only edgy and fun, she asks great questions on this interview, wherein I reveal my literary influences, musical preferences, hunk I would totally sleep with, and extol the virtues of writing on an Arts and Crafts Mission library desk.  She's also giving away a copy of Sorcerer's Knot, so enter by leaving a comment about something... anything... from the interview. 

My good friend Marshall Payne asks what moved me to write erotic fantasy and why women enjoy reading M/M fiction. Naturally, I told him my thoughts on that. You can read the interview here.

If you wonder what the title of Sorcerer's Knot is all about, my guest post to Elyzabeth VaLey's blog provides the answer... and another opportunity to win a copy. Visit her and comment to enter the drawing.

This week I will also be visiting Elyzabeth again to talk about Gaspar's nose and offer a giveaway for Captive Heart, which has earned a Silver Star at AllRomance ebooks! People tell me that means the book's a bestseller in its category. :) So look for that on Thursday.

Prince of Winds Release Date

Let me say upfront I had a busy weekend. Ken the Radical Artist flew in from Atlanta for our annual fantasy football draft and we all had a great visit, drafted awesome fantasy teams, hashed out which of the world's great evils is the evilest... for the record, that would be the automaker who made his car... and talked about his great plans for internet comics and indie films. His brother is Mike the Conqueror, and they have long striven to prove who has the greater plan. Time will tell, but their relationship inspired some nice bits in The Prince of Winds.

Speaking of which...

The Prince of Winds will be released by Dreamspinner on September 12th. That's right, my baby has a delivery date. It's the story of a young man who achieves his dream of becoming an eagle warrior, only to end up on the losing side of a war and become the captive of a mysterious demon prince. The prince is one of three cursed brothers. You can read the blurb for the book here.

Oh, and here is the cover!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Everybody Loves a Winner

Being both enthusiastic and fated to live a complicated life (it's true... hang around and you'll see), I was running not one, but two giveaways over the weekend.  My poodle and I are here to announce both winners, so if you entered both giveaways, be sure to look at both announcements. :D

The Rainbow Book Reviews Blog Hop giveaway of winner's choice of a copy of either of my published eBooks--Captive Heart or Sorcerer's Knot--or a $10 Amazon gift card is.... the poodle is thumping her tail... CHRISTA BRANT!

I will be emailing Christa to ask which prize she wants to receive. Congratulations, Christa! And thanks to the many visitors who stopped by this blog and especially to those who took a moment to comment. This blog had its most visitors ever. 

The Sorcerer's Knot Release celebration giveaway of a copy of the ebook goes to... poodle thumping her tail and telling me to hurry up... CANND!

I will also be emailing cannd to arrange delivery of her copy. 

The poodle huffs a sigh of release and hops back up on the daybed. Thanks to everyone who came by and spent a few minutes. It was great fun! I'll run off now to alert the winners and send them their prizes.

Friday, August 24, 2012

What Writing LGBTQ Means to Me

For the Rainbow Book Reviews Blog Hop, I’ve been asked to write about what writing GLBTQ literature means to me… and I had to think really hard about that. I write because I love writing, but what about writing in this genre makes that special? 

For this blog hop, I will be giving away a winner’s choice of either a copy of my just released M/M fantasy novella, Sorcerer’s Knot, or a copy of M/F romance novel Captive Heart, or a $10 Amazon gift card. The winner will be chosen by a random drawing. All it takes to enter is to follow this blog and leave a comment at the bottom of this post with an email address so I can contact you if you win. Commenting also enters you for the Grand Prize offered by Rainbow Book Reviews. Visit here to find all the wonderful blogs you can visit. 

As for why I write M/M fantasy…

I yearn to explore worlds that embrace all gender identities and exclude none.
I love building stories around strong, sexy gay characters for which the first word used to describe them isn’t a reference to their gender preference.

I strive to write characters who grapple with important issues that challenge their gender identity and come to terms with these issues: having strong devotion to a religion that’s hostile to their orientation, for example, or wanting to please a parent who disapproves, or being seen as somehow flawed and imperfect by others. I want to show characters finding ways to integrate all parts of who they are.

I believe in writing rounded, complex heroes who strive to be noble and fight fiercely for the people and values they love—worthy love interests for any romance. I want to show them having passionate lives.

I love giving gay males adventures, histories, challenges, and intense plot lines that exist outside of their sexual orientation or relationship. They are full participants in the stories that surround them.

I use the creative flexibility of fantasy to build societies in which gay unions are not only possible but considered positive, recognized openly, and afford benefits to their societies and those around them.

I have the opportunity to celebrate all the ways a person might desire to befriend, have sex with, love, adore, despise, or revile a person of any gender or identity. My characters’ options are wide open. They’re not locked into the tug of war that accompanies traditional representations of male and female sexuality.

So there you have it!

Remember to join this blog, and leave a comment and an email for the prize. Or leave a comment without an email if you just want to say hi! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Join Me at MA Church's Place

I'm over at Decadent Delights today with a guest blog about how sometimes life turns into a tentacle monster. It does. Trust me. I have experience with these things!  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sorcerer's Knot Release

Today Sorcerer's Knot is on the shelves. It's hard for me to believe I have another book out already, but that's how it worked out. I feel like I've been in labor for a week!
There's a giveaway going on through the weekend. To take part and perhaps win a free copy of Sorcerer's Knot, just click here.

Wednesday Briefs: A Sun In Its Womb #2

Here are next week's prompts:  "How could you think you're less than perfect to me?" or use pasta in a creative way (not just what's for dinner lol) ; or use: flowers, bridge, seesaw; or "please don't leave me..."; or feature a fight in your story - verbal or physical; or use: pink, condolences, believe (kudos if you use Pink :)  )

And for the record, I used them all! J


A Sun in Its Womb #2

“You never told me.” Aja sat at one end of the chaise. Jordy perched at the other. The lounge had no other occupants. Together, they looked out the portal at the blue immensity of the Ferract ship still tethered at dock.

Jordy shrugged, her pink lips curving in a quirk of purely human expression. She did that well. Aja wondered whether it was emotional reflex or some cute quirk Jordy had programmed. It was nice of Director Rowe to have ordered the lounge off limits for an hour. Jordy had wanted some time alone with him.

“I never told anyone,” she said.

“You’re not—”

“I am.” She leaned toward him, all earnestness, elbows on knees and face in her cupped hands.  “I’m just like you, Aja.”

He laughed. “No, you’re not. For one thing, I’m not Fer.”

“Neither am I. Not yet.”

“But are you human?”

She nodded. Beautiful ringlets of hair as warm and brown as the coffee she drank—sugar, no cream—danced as she spoke. “I am. Completely. Human to my last cell. Just ask the scientists at STOA.”

“You think cells are what make a human?”

Jordy cocked him one of her shattering smiles. “I’m pretty sure they do. I have a neural core of empirical evidence to that effect, and so do you.” She laughed when he rolled his eyes. He despised lab-speak. He was a security coordinator for the station’s power plant. Jordy’s quips about neuro-physiology had always struck him as delightfully absurd, because she analyzed productivity reports for the station’s armies of self-directed robotic units, or worker bees.  

“And you’re saying you’re identical to me—at the neuro-physiological level.”

“Yes. For now.” She chewed a little on her lower lip. He wished she wouldn’t do that.

“Stop it,” he said, same as he always did. She only chewed her lip when nervous. “Your lips are too pretty for that.”

“I can’t help it. It upsets me when you’re angry.” She glanced back out the portal. The Ferract ship filled the window, a glow of cobalt blue forever shifting shape. Aja knew the ship’s presence was making the rest of the station’s population nervous. He was operating short-staffed today because of it and there were rumors of the drug plant having been almost completely turned over to the production of tranqs. He was pretty sure half his remaining force was using them, even though there was a hard rule in place that security forces could not be on psycho-depressants. None of them had so much as an inkling about Jordy.

“Look, Jordy, I—”

“You’re wondering if you ever knew me. I know that. But this is me. The girl who leaves pink flowers on the bridge because it makes Mirosheini mad, who can’t help but seesaw between tiramisu or the peanut and chocolate bomba for dessert… the one who sends out condolences to supervisors when one of their worker bees gets decommissioned. People love their worker bees!” Her eyes misted up and his heart simply melted. He tried to stay focused on what Rowe and the others had asked him to do. Find out what she’s here to do.

“You love your worker bee, don’t you, Aja? You love Fritz.”

He snapped his thoughts back as her words prompted a mental image of his deputy, an aging unit barely getting by on a wobbly mixture of crafty programming and upgrades. “Fritz? Hell yes. But Jordy—” he looked back out at the Ferract ship, from which unnerving tentacles coiled like blue fusilli.  “I never took Fritz to bed. I never—” Damn, he hated this, having to say it at all, much less diplomatically enough not to ignite some cataclysmic rift with the Ferra. None of them knew why the Ferract ship was here. Or what Jordy wanted from him…

“Just say it, Aja. It’s bad for your blood pressure when—”

“For fuck sake, Jordy!” he growled, glad he could exert even that much control, “I’m confused as hell right now. You understand that, don’t you? I mean, I almost don’t care that you’re one of them. But what the hell do you really look like?”

She blinked in surprise. “This. I told you. I’ve always looked like this.”


“Well, there was a brief period during adolescence when I thought it would be fun to be a boy. But after a couple of years—”

She’d told him only that she had never known her mother and father, and had been raised entirely through foster parents.

“You were a boy?”

“Just for a couple years. A penis is fun, but I decided I preferred a vagina.”

Aja flushed. “That’s not how it is for humans! That’s what I mean about you not being quite human, Jordy. We don’t get to experiment with being the opposite sex.”

“I realize that. But I’ve never looked like anyone but me. Even as a boy, except for the penis for a bit. And I—”

“As a boy, did you have sex with girls?”

She nodded.

Aja swallowed the growing lump in his throat. “With boys?”

Jordy, eyes wide as she watched him, nodded again.

“Aw, fuck.”

"I chose you. I chose this. I know I’m not what people call pretty, but I like my body. It’s fun. And I love it even more when you and I are together.” She reached out her soft hand and touched his. “Please don't leave me, Aja."

“I’m not leaving you, Jordy. How could you think you're less than perfect to me? I just don’t know what the fuck you are, or what I feel right now.”

She smiled. “You want me to explain why I’m here.”

Fuck. She had always been too smart for any of them. As he looked into her eyes, he saw only the woman he loved. But could he trust that? At least she didn’t look like a civilization-killing alien.

“Yeah. That’s what I want.”

(to be continued…)


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Lily Sawyer
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tentacles and a Free Book

Sorcerer's Knot is being released this week, on August 22, and there are so many things about this book that are special to me... but I'm pretty sure this is a book readers will either love or turn away from with a shudder. After all, it has...

Tentacle monsters.

When you know a book has tentacles in it, do you run from the room screaming for help? Snort and roll your eyes? Grin because tentacles always deliver the fun?

Well, it so happens Dreamspinner is releasing Sorcerer's Knot, and yes, it has tentacles. It also boasts a darn good story about an ambitious young wizard, the elusive sorcerer he has made his prey, and a mysterious island no one who sets foot on it can ever leave. The tentacles aren't the focus of the book. I wonder, though... will just the thought of creepy creatures scare readers away?

Want a free copy so you can find out for yourself? From now until 12 a.m. on August 27th, just leave a comment and email (so I can contact you if you win) at the end of this post and tell me how you feel about tentacles in your soup... er, fiction. In the comment, give me your thoughts on tentacles. If you want to leave a comment, but don't want the book because tentacles creep you out, just say so. I still want to know. :D  I will draw a winner by random on the morning of the 27th. 

Oh, and my thoughts on tentacles? Fun stuff in fiction... and I'll match my fork-wielding, calamari-munching South Philly Italian family against any squid!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Snark

How about a dash of snark with your coffee? :) Here's a bit from my upcoming novella, Sorcerer's Knot, which is being released on August 22nd. After a day of hard work, ambitious young wizard Cian is trying to get close to Muir, a suspicious sorcerer with whom he is lodging.

“You haven’t asked about leaving,” Muir observed, sopping up the last of his broth.
“I will work off my debt first. After that, maybe one of the folk here will take me back to the mainland.” Doing so would be less taxing than conjuring another boat.
“I don’t see how. Not a boat to be had on the island.”
“That doesn’t make sense. They’re surrounded by sea! Don’t they fish?”
“Actually, no.” Muir rose and moved to the other end of the table, where the book still lay open. Cian had looked at it while Muir was out. It was a book on bee-keeping. Judging from its condition and stained pages, it had been salvaged from the sea.
“But if there are no boats—”
“There’s no leaving. Now good night. I want to read.”
Cian dragged himself to his little room and barely knew anything after his head hit the pillow. The next morning when he sat at the table, Muir gave him no porridge. He had made only enough for himself.
“But I worked!” Cian protested. “I worked hard!”
“For a bed. I said that in exchange for work, I would let you sleep here. I said nothing about meals.”
Muir wasn’t a farmer. No crops grew near the tiny house, and the man kept no herd beasts or fowl. How he had any food at all was a mystery. Small wonder he grudged sharing.
“Are you suggesting I go out and catch a goat?”
“You could. There are easier ways. I want you to walk to my neighbor, a woman named Scaith. As you walk west, keep the Horn on your right and you will find the path. Tell her I sent you. She’ll have something for me.” The sorcerer flung on his long black cloak before setting out into the chill morning. “If she takes kindly to you, she might feed you as well.”

Sorcerer's Knot is being released on Wednesday by Dreamspinner Press. Here's the buy link. 

If you would like to share some of your own snark or read more snark from other writers, check out the Saturday Snark blog hop on Marie Sexton's blog or use the links below. Enjoy!

Captive Heart Giveaway Winner

I entered the names and had my poodle push the button to generate a random number, and the free electronic copy of Captive Heart goes to (drum roll, please)... okay, the poodle is thumping her tail. Regine Kong!

Congratulations, Regine! If you would like a specific e-book format, please contact me and I'll send it your way.

Thanks to everyone who commented for taking part in my giveaway. I will be giving away a copy of my next book, Sorcerer's Knot, next Monday... so look for that announcement tomorrow morning.

Happy reading, Regine!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Opening Up

As lots of folk will attest, I'm pretty easy to talk to. I don't walk up to strangers and introduce myself, and hardly ever say boo in public, so lots of people don't know that I'm friendly. It's just that I hang out with imaginary people most of the day and they do most of the talking.

Still, if anyone is curious about me or what goes into my work, they might enjoy M.A. Church's interview with me. I reveal embarrassing things like my guiltiest pleasure and secret crush. The interview is up now at her blog, Decadent Delights. Check it out... Captive Heart by Tali Spencer.

The picture? My poodle. She knows all my secrets. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Captive Heart Available Now!

I'm dancing around the room again, because Captive Heart is now available as an ebook. My fledgling novel has left the nest. Enjoy your journey, little book! May you find a place in the world, and readers who love you.

Where to buy ? It's up now at Resplendence Publishing and AllRomance, and coming soon to Amazon and B&N.

Don't forget... there's a giveaway going on, too. I will be giving a free ebook to one of the commenters on this post:

Captive Heart Giveaway.

Just leave a comment and you're in!

At this point, Captive Heart is in the hands of readers. If anyone should see my book out there, please give it a wave. Resplendence will be publishing the sequels, of which I hope there will be many. Lots of tales to tell about Uttor and the Leonntes, not to mention their imperial captives, the fractious and beautiful Sebboyan royal family.

Wednesday Briefs: A Sun in Its Womb

Welcome back to Wednesday Briefs. This week, I start a new story, one I hope will stay short and not run away with me. I am trying, really trying, to learn to write short fiction. So I turned to this week’s prompts for inspiration. Let’s see… the prompt is: “Nose to the grindstone….” or I could use the alternate prompts: type of cloth, stone, painting; or “Oh my God, is that…”; or use: a story about finding a case/bag of money; or use: cookie jar, lunch box, spoon.

Well, my stories always start with an image, and “Nose to the grindstone…” brought something to mind.


A Sun In Its Womb

“Holy hell!”

Aja Paz wasn’t the only person to lend voice to his surprise.  The plexi-dome of the recreation lounge provided an unobstructed view of the perimeter of New Berks’ restricted space and the object that had suddenly appeared within it.  Translucent, blue-green, shape-shifting into coils and then a final shape—long, finned, beaked—it slid precisely toward the docking tubes.  Aja didn’t hear alarms, meaning Operations had known it was coming.

“What the holes is that?” he exclaimed.

His companion’s commanding parabola of a nose twitched just above her upper lip.  Despite the proboscis, Jordy Gardaniel had a pretty mouth and seductive dark eyes, set in a face round as a moon and dusted with freckles. “A ship,” she said, in response to his question.  “A Ferract stele, to be precise.” 

Aja knew then what it was to feel blood run cold. 

“I thought they never came to our space anymore.  I thought we had a fucking agreement.”

“Fucking agreement. Cute. No, the agreement is Ferra may enter human space when they have vital business—and that they stay away the rest of the time.” 

Which was most of the time, apparently, because New Berks had not seen a Ferract ship in decades.  Mercifully.  “Considerate of them.  What vital business could the Ferra have with this half-forgotten collection of bolts?”

Together he and Jordy watched a thick blue tentacle unspool from the ship to engulf the terminal portion of the docking corridor.  The blue cord stiffened and retracted, arresting the ship at an angle that cut a bold blue line against a star-pointed sea. 

Jordy did the thing with her nose again and drained what was left of her drink.  “Me.”

* * * *

Humans didn’t mess with Ferract stelae. When a stele appeared, Earth ships, commercial and military alike, vacated sectors and yielded space lanes. Diverse Earth authorities on a hundred self-governing stations and colonized planets granted access to their space, opened security, allowed boarding and passage. They did so because old spacers remembered the first and only attack Earth had ever launched against a stele, when the immense, disturbingly tentacled ship had refused to leave colonized space as ordered. The stele had simply reduced the five-ship Earth task force to plasma. The Ferract had then, to make the attack reciprocal, done the same to one of Earth’s largest free-space arcologies, snuffing out close to three million lives.

After that, humans didn’t mess with Ferract stelae. They let them come; they prayed they’d go. 

It was an arrangement the Ferract found acceptable. They had been civil, if enigmatic, neighbors for going on eight decades. 

* * * *

“She’s an analyst.” Aja hoped if he repeated the words often enough, they would obscure what he had just learned about Jordy Gardaniel.

Station Director Lauri Rowe fixed him with an ice blue stare. “She’s Ferra.”

“No.” Aja refused to believe it. Jordy shared his office. Jordy shared his bed. “She passes the scans.” He turned to Operations Chief Zielinski. “Tell me you didn’t alter the fucking scans!”

“We didn’t have to.”

“The Ferra… are human?” He clung to that, the way he had clung to Jordy’s body—her soft welcoming body—while thrusting his cock within her hot tight… dear God, let her be human.

“Only if they want to be. She—”

“Aja, are you all right?”

Norm Zielinski had a big hand on his shoulder, giving him a shake.

“Yes,” he said, then corrected himself, “No. I worked with her and… I never guessed.”

“Only I knew, and my predecessors.” Rowe tapped up the links and fed direct knowledge into their work memory. “A silent amendment to the treaty. The Ferract installed larvae in two of our facilities where they could learn to interact fluently with our species. We were to provide the larval Ferra with ordinary employment and activities. It was at all times in contact with its parent pod, so the Ferract would know the larva was safe. Naturally, we saw to the larva’s safety and conducted any and all tests on it respectfully. Jordy has, in fact, complied with most of our requests. Her tissue samples don’t seem human—they are human. She wrote her own genetic program using human DNA.”

Aja listened to the report, aware diagnostic teams elsewhere on the other side of the monitors were recording his vital signs. What were they making of the tightness in his chest? His dry mouth and distracted responses? His fucking psychology. Did everyone know he had screwed her? That his funny-looking lover was a destroyer of worlds…

But everyone liked Jordy. She wasn’t beautiful, but she drew men to her. Her rich laugh and vibrant smile invited interaction. She was alive in the way of a woman completely at home with her body, with her spotted skin and enormous nose and masses of untamed curls. Making love with her was like discovering the missing half of sex itself, a wonderful completion.

What was it she said every morning as she rose from their bed and he gazed in adoration at the beautiful freckles spread across the small of her back like the patterned skin of some exotic serpent? “I smell trouble. Time to put my nose to the grindstone…”

That nose. It twitched and flicked with dislike or amusement. He’d kissed it a thousand times. He wanted to kiss it again. He wanted her lips to open to his so he could taste the pure sweetness that was Jordy Gardaniel and hear the lilt of her laughter when she called out his name.


This time it wasn’t the Director or Chief who said his name. It was her. He turned along with the rest of them to look to the door of the conference room and saw her standing there, dressed in work trousers and a shirt, framed by light. His heart rolled over and leaped toward her.

Oh fuck, he thought. I’m in love.

(to be continued...)

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Snark

Here's an interesting blog hop idea, courtesy of Marie Sexton. It's called Saturday Snark, and it consists of just a few snips from your book in which your characters are being snarky.

snark·y  (snärk)
adj. snark·i·er, snark·i·est Slang
1. Rudely sarcastic or disrespectful; snide.
2. Irritable or short-tempered; irascible.
[From dialectal snark, to nag, from snark, snork, to snore, snort, from Dutch and Low German snorken, of imitative origin.]

Now, I don't do snark as well as some authors I know (looking around...) but I did find this gem in Captive Heart. Julissa is the heroine and Petraeus is her younger brother. Her older brother, Lorant, kidnapped and forcibly married the Uttoran princess, Adora, who is talking with them here:

Julissa watched the way Adora’s gaze assessed the handsome Petraeus. Something about that look stopped the breath in her throat, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

“There are many Uttorans I would like to meet.” Encouraged by her attention, Petraeus pressed his conversation forward. “Under my instructors at the academy, I have studied the tactics of your great general, Darius Arrento. His defeat of three united tribes of the Pargeans at Cealta showed masterful deployment of cavalry.”

Something softer touched Adora’s mouth, almost a smile. “I know Darius well. He is a very good friend of my brother’s.”

With a whisper of leather and velvet, Lorant joined them and leaned over his wife’s silk-draped shoulders. Pale lashes swept down over his ice-blue eyes as his gold hair brushed Adora’s cheek. She did not so much as flinch.

“Maybe someday my sweet wife’s brother will send the great Arrento against something stronger than skin-clad rustics and kingdoms past their prime.”

“You mean like this one?” she rejoined coolly.

Lorant’s neck flushed red and Petraeus looked taken aback. But Julissa couldn’t help feeling Adora was the most interesting person she had met in ages.

“You see how she is,” Lorant said amiably to his siblings. “She has the Leonnte tongue, famed for flapping. Of course, we all know how her brother uses his tongue. Rumor in his own capital credits him with lying beneath men as though he were a woman, and sucking cock with the enthusiasm of a whore. Maybe I should have kidnapped him for my bed instead of this close-mouthed slut.”

“I do suck your cock, Lorant. It’s sour and unpleasant.”

Julissa flushed at hearing a woman speak so. Beside her, Petraeus appeared to be all ears.

If you enjoy a little snark in your day, please take time to visit the other authors contributing to this little hop. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Captive Heart Giveaway

Captive Heart is being released by Resplendence on August 15th—just a week away—and I’m dancing around and dreaming up ways to celebrate. And the best way I can think of is to give a copy of this book to someone who wants one. So that's what I'm going to do!

I'm giving away a free electronic copy of Captive Heart to someone who comments on this post between now and 12 a.m. on Saturday, August 18th.

To qualify, all you need to do is leave a comment and an email address, preferably yours. The email is so I can let you know if you win. If for some reason  you cannot leave a comment (that’s happened to me, so maybe it could happen to you) shoot me an email and I’ll add a comment with your name, just so people know it’s on the up and up if you win. I will choose the winner by putting all the names in a Lalique bowl and... very well, until I can afford a Lalique bowl, I will use

Are you super determined to snag a free copy? Look for other Captive Heart giveaways on some of the interviews and guest blogs I’ll be doing for promotion. I’ll post a heads up on this blog whenever I pop up elsewhere. I’ll try not to be annoying about that, but look at it this way: if I’m promoting my book on other blogs, I won’t have to do as much of it on here. I have plenty of other things to talk about, like why the planet would be better off if it were run by poodles.

Best of luck! And if you want a sneak peek at this book, I’ve posted an excerpt from Captive Heart here that will give you a taste. You can find it also by clicking the page on the sidebar.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Captive Heart Rarin' To Go!

In my experience, well-behaved books get released on schedule. But not Captive Heart! That book is so shameless it negotiated an early release.

The new release date: August 15th.

That will make Captive Heart officially my first published eBook. I should have known... Gaspar is fond of preemptory strikes. :D

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sorcerer's Knot Looks Like This...

Anne Cain came up with this beautiful cover art for Sorcerer's Knot.

The novella is being released by Dreamspinner Press on August 22nd. It's up on Dreamspinner's Coming Soon page, too.

In a world where pleasure unlocks even the best-guarded magic, Cian has a long list of magical talents—and an even longer list of sorcerers he slept with to acquire them. He even seduced a dragon. There’s just one arcane power left for him to master: command over the sea. Now Cian has learned where to find Muir the Scarred, the only man known to have mastered that power—and he is determined to wrest it from him by whatever means necessary.

But completing the task isn’t so easy. First, Cian’s boat is wrecked on the shores of Muir’s desolate island. Then he learns an enchantment will keep him there forever. And when he tries to seduce Muir, he finds himself being seduced by the mysterious sorcerer instead. But the source of the power Cian seeks is also trapped on the island, and it will stop at nothing to break free, even if that means forcing pleasure—and magic—from Cian's unwilling body.

You can read an excerpt here... or click on the page in the sidebar.