Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Snake Demons and Devil's Nights

Amaru, by Genzoman
A while back I mentioned I was writing a m/m erotic horror short story about a young Spaniard in search of revenge who crosses paths with a sorcerer/snake demon in the high Andes. Because snake demons are cool, the story ended up being all kinds of nasty fun. I submitted it to Storm Moon Press for its "Devil's Night" anthology, and they just told me they want it. The anthology will be published in October.

Here's an unedited excerpt from "The Seventh Sacrifice":

The door at the top opened onto a vista that belonged to another, more fantastic world. The tile roof spread to every side, robbed of color but seeming to undulate in the moonlight, creating serpentine patterns. It looked crazy and pebbled, a mosaic of catenary curves such as Gaudi might have envisioned.

“Amazing,” Beltran said. 

Katari led him along a narrow ledge of bricks, taking him deeper into the astonishing tableau of cupolas and arches. Taller buildings surrounded the church, their windows occasionally spilling light, but Katari knew where to find shadows and Beltran found himself maneuvered into a corner of rough brick. His back pressed against the cold surface.

“I will show you things of beauty, Spaniard.” Katari’s hand shot out, wrapped around the back of his head, and pulled him near.

Beltran had never been coy. He’d spent his adult life pursuing pleasure with attractive, available men. Just because he was in a country to which he might never return was no reason to pass on it now. At the moment, his cock stood straight up against the placket of his trousers, begging for this. He parted his lips to the kiss.

Katari tasted dark. His full, firm lips claimed Beltran’s with a muscular certainty that made him gasp. Desire had never felt like this before... cold, controlling, consuming him like something already owned. He opened to the sorcerer’s insistent tongue, savored how it pushed into his hungry, willing mouth. Wanting more, he sucked on it with abandon. When Katari at last pulled back, he placed a hand on Beltran’s groin, laying claim to his erection.

“You are going to give this to me, aren’t you, caballero?” The sorcerer licked beside his ear and he moaned. When Beltran opened his eyes, he gazed into the slivered moon reflected in Katari’s lust-filled orbs.

“Yes,” he breathed.   

This time when Katari kissed him, Beltran kissed him back. The other man’s mouth was generous, and his lips as Beltran sucked on them were mobile and smooth. He had never kissed a man without facial hair before and he explored the new sensation, the top lip first, then the full bottom, succulent and pliable and ravenous as they left him gasping for air. Those lips burned as they sucked down the column of his throat, hot tongue pressed flat against his pulse. He dipped his head so his open mouth skimmed that wonderful midnight hair, stirring the fine strands and breathing its scent. Musky, clean... smoke and earth.

His hands roamed the sorcerer’s broad shoulders, caressing the soft, dense fabric of his tunic. When did the man do anything physical enough to have muscles like these, thick and corded, moving like a giant’s beneath his hands? He wanted to feel that hard body, see it... but it was Katari who had somehow undone the buttons of Beltran’s shirt and was tugging it and his leather jacket off his shoulders, revealing his bare torso. He gasped aloud with pleasure as Katari’s hot mouth pressed more kisses to his flesh.

“You are so pale, Spaniard,” Katari said, punctuating each suck and lick, “your pretty skin glows against the night.”

Moonglow, he wanted to say. He’d been told his skin glowed in the dark like the moon. Already he envisioned his pale limbs entwined with Katari’s dark ones. The sorcerer flicked the hot tip of his tongue across a jutting nipple and Beltran squirmed, his throat barely holding back a groan.

“Every part of you is begging for me,” Katari said, doing it again. His hand once more cupped Beltran’s erection, rubbing it and driving him mad.

“God, I want you.  Katari, stop, I mean it... I won’t last.”

With feral speed, Katari grabbed him by the upper arms and spun him around so that now it was the sorcerer who leaned against the wall. Shirt hanging from his arms, Beltran stood in the mountain cold and watched the other man tug up his tunic to release the drawstring of his trousers, freeing his cock. Engorged and sleek, limned by moonlight, the organ pointed straight at him. Like the man, it was dark and angry. Mesmerized, Beltran touched it, his fingertips caressing smooth hot skin and a hardness that thrilled him, while Katari’s moon-kissed eyes slitted with pleasure. 

“Show yourself to me, caballero.”

Beltran shivered from more than bare skin and night chill. Something sensual and forbidden lurked in that command; he imagined the sorcerer fucking him while he begged, completely robbed of any dignity, for more. Just as well, then, that he and this man would have only one night.

But, of course, Beltran's wrong... 

I had a blast writing this story. There's great fun to be had with devils and demons, and I can't wait to read the other stories in this anthology come October.


  1. Congrats Tali! I can't wait to see it out as its own ebook. :) What a cover that's going to be!


    1. Thanks! You of all people know how image-laden this story is. I really went to town with it. :)