Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Writing Romance

Okay, so I cut my teeth on fantasy and science fiction.  I love the process of invention, of creating new worlds and societies and populating them with creatures and characters.  My first published work was a science fiction novel and I ran, not walked, to join the Science Fiction Writers of America, a group to which I'm proud to say I still belong.  Oh, sure, I enjoyed other genres, historical and some kinds of romance in particular, but I have always considered myself a science-fiction writer.

What I find, though, is these days I'm writing more romance . . . and I'm having some success at it.  The only person surprised by this is me.

My husband has been telling me for years that I should try romance novels.  No one knows better than he how much I thrive on the combination of drama, love, adventure and . . . well, sex.  Gotta have sex.  People having sex is so much more interesting to me than people killing each other, no matter how creatively they slay their fellow humans.  Falling in love is so wonderful I think everyone should do it. And in my books they do.

Of course, Mike the Conqueror, my eldest son, pronounced me a true romantic years ago.  "You like happy endings," he reasons.  "How many science-fiction novels do you know that end well?  Half the time, the bad guys win or the planet blows up!  When you write a romance, doesn't that mean the good guys win?"

In my worlds, it does.  The good guys win and chances are they will save the world while they're at it.  Heck, they also fall in love and have lots of sex.  Romance involves all those parts of us that are complicated and hopeful and easily battered by the world, which is what makes the characters who take a chance on it so fun to explore.

So that's why these days I'm writing romantic fantasies and science-fiction.  I still want the science and history in my stories to be accurate and my fantasy worlds to have rock solid foundations in some kind of reality, but what I love writing the most is about people finding each other and falling in love.  And somewhere along the line, if they're meant for each other, they end up in bed.

And have lots of sex.

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  1. Lots and lots of sex. *grin*

    You know how I feel about my HEA. Gotta have it. *Laugh* to me finding love and scif/fantasy go together. Says the newbie, lol ;)