Friday, April 6, 2012

Seventh Sacrifice Snippet

Snippet from a m/m WIP.

Marisol had told him the shop he must look for, that it would have an orange awning with a sign proclaiming it to be the house of guardian angels.  Two angels flanked the words, she’d said, though the beings depicted looked more like winged serpents.  In fact, they looked a bit like demons.

Beltran thought them fitting.  Angels had little enough to do with the native religion.

He angled his way through the street’s milling crowd of colorful cholas and photo-snapping tourists until he reached the shop entrance.  Two stone steps flanked by tables of packaged, prefabricated charms led to the narrow hole in the wall that constituted a store.  Every spare inch of space was packed with arcane objects.  Fully-furred llama fetuses with huge black eyes and grimacing teeth hung from a pole over the doorway, while more of the same, mummified and without fur, lay piled in baskets.  The dried husks of armadillos, toads and starfish held sway among racks of cheap beads, brass bells, and trays of colored powders.  Beltran hoped the powders were herbs, but at least one looked like dried blood and he knew the others could be anything from antlers to hooves, teeth or bones.

But what caught his eye next, and took away his already scanty breath, was the man sitting on a stool just inside the doorway.  Black hair, straight and shining, framed a brown face with strong features and high cheekbones.  The heavy mane then cascaded behind broad shoulders and a red poncho of alpaca wool.  As the man noticed him also and rose to his feet, Beltran saw that he was taller than most native men, with a wiry, powerful frame.  The shopkeeper’s eyes commanded him most of all: deep and black, they locked onto his with a hunger so fierce the compulsion in them made him quiver.

Holy Mother of God, Beltran thought, forcing himself to breathe normally.  Marisol never told me her shaman would be gorgeous!


  1. Ahhhh, this is going to be soooo good, lol, I can't wait!!!!! *jumps up and down* (well, okay, not so much jumping going on today, lol. But I'm jumping in my mind!)


  2. It gets better... so much better. I'm writing the sex scenes now. I am undoubtedly going to Easter mass on Sunday stained with wickedness.