Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Romances

Just an update on my WIPs.

I'm working on two novels, though Adora's story, Last to Know, has surged ahead in terms of commanding my attention.  Yeah, it's a lame title.  I'm still hoping I can think of a better one.  But the novel itself has spawned some interesting dynamics.

I usually stay with paired POVs, two viewpoint characters, and tell the story by alternating these perspectives.  But in Last to Know I will be including four POV characters: Adora, Vallmer (the hunky blond man she wants as her own), Gaspar (her brother) and Julissa (the woman Gaspar is marrying).  One reason for the extra viewpoints: timewise and action-wise, the novel revolves around Gaspar and Julissa's wedding and its aftermath.

It's a great wedding, because NOTHING goes as it's supposed to.  Gaspar was too much fun to write for me to long resist having him as a POV character again.  And I gave septugenarian Duqessa Hersilia a nice, meaty role.  It's all good fun.  So far, Adora's baby is born, the wedding done, half of Julissa's family is dead or missing (read Dangerous Beauty for that story) and Adora and Vallmer are finding out that love is not something that goes according to design.

My other WIP is a gay male romance called Walking the Wall.  It's set in my Triempery universe, where a not-quite-human race is trying to prevent its own extinction.  The protagonist is a young barbarian kidnapped to be a sex slave and brutalized, but who manages to escape his enslavers and is rescued into a glittering, strange new life.  Considered too primitive and unintelligent to be of much use, Rann dedicates himself to master a game the ruling class says he's incapable of learning.  But it's not just a game . . . it's the key that enables one of the Highborn princes--a handsome, icy prick named Kyreion--to travel through time.

Naturally, this being a gay romance, there's all kinds of hot sex and male bonding and, this being me, plenty of action as well.  Rann is damaged and distrustful; Kyreion is isolated, spoiled and suspicious.  The bridge they build between their experiences will not only lead to love, it will change their world.

I don't know what it is about spring, it may be the flowers, or the birds, but something about this time of year puts romance front and center.


  1. Yay!!! OMG, both sound so good. Of course, you know me, I can't wait to read the GM one! Sounds like some wicked good times happening there, lol. ;)


  2. Oh, it's wicked and good. Some truly despicable bad guys, a looming war, one protag is sex-addicted (you read Cumbuck's Tale, so you know what I'm talking about) and the man who drives him wild with lust is so sexually unavailable it's like chipping at an iceberg. :D Luckily, hot sex melts icebergs. Your tops of my beta list, too, considering you're the only one currently on it.