Monday, March 26, 2012

Snake Demon!

Okay, so I'm inspired.  My newest short story, "The Seventh Sacrifice," is about an Andean snake demon-shifter.  He only appears near or inside a church because the Spanish built it atop the sacred well where his father, the snake god Amaru, is imprisoned.  Amaru can only be freed by seven sacred sacrifices at the hands of his seven sons.

Appearing as a beautiful youth, my demon Katari romances a young Spanish nobleman
. . . because the seventh and final sacrifice must be the blood of an enemy.

I've just begun writing this one, but I'm pumped, because the story will be set in colonial Peru.  I'm familiar with the locations and will be including the Witch's Market and the Church of San Francisco, which is an amazing structure with mysterious passages and the coolest of all roofs.

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  1. Oh my, that is a totally cool pic with the snake and the young man. This sounds damn interesting.

    Hehehehe, here we go again, my friend!