Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mom Unmasked

Got a great laugh from my son the artist.  He read "Victory Portrait" and, well, it opened his eyes a bit.  Not to gay male erotica, which he knows exists, and I'd cued him in on the subject matter.  But I guess it's still a surprise when you read butt-fucking erotica from the woman you thought only ever had sex with your father, and then precisely three times.  In the dark.  Under blankets.

"You know, Mom," he said, laughing, "Dad always said you were Satan, or the Wicked Witch or something.  But we just laughed."

"I've gotten used to being laughed at, but you don't get to do that.  Remember, I'm still the woman who gave you life."

"Yeah, but now you're cool.  I can tell my friends my Mom writes about sex.  Their moms do volunteer work and stuff."

"Volunteer work is cool.  And maybe they write erotica on the side.   You'd be surprised what moms actually do when not yelling at their children."

"Yeah, but my Mom's Satan."

"Don't forget to call your grandmother.  She's doing volunteer work."

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  1. LOLOLOLOL. You're not Satan... just have a little devil in ya, that's all! ;)