Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yes, I play Cityville.  Shoot me.  I want to shoot the people who play Mafia Wars sometimes, and in the past I kind of did that.  For a while there I was fierce, especially after a game glitch gave me 3.7 billion BRM-80 machine guns, but that game eventually bored me and I left the Mafia.  Now I live in Cityville and I like it.

Social games are perfect for people like me who tend to live in their own little worlds anyway.  Several of my very best Mafia friends turned into sorta-kinda real life friends and that's how I found Cityville, among other joys like Oberon Leather and Pinterest.  My Cityville neighbors include family, like my sister, husband and sister-in-law, former Mafia from Portland, Barcelona and Singapore, and real life friends from my hometown and here where I now live.  We call or chat each other with things like "Could you send me a Baguette?" or "I need Elevator Doors!" and have intense discussions about how to manage expansion.  Like I said, great fun.

Oh, and my City, I'm proud to say, is magnificent.


  1. Go get'em, lol! Don't know the game, but then, I know myself well to know that if I played it, and liked it, I'd be playing all the time! Which would mean no writing getting done, lol.

  2. Haha, I found this when I was looking something up. I used to play Cityville as well as Farmville and Frontierville (I thinks that's what it was called) but I gave it up because it occupied too much time. I quit and people stopped speaking to me. LOL, whatever!

    1. Oh my gosh, I'd nearly forgotten about this post. :D My city is now on ice. The game became too time-consuming and all my friends stopped playing. I still speak to them, though. I used to have a farm and a kingdom, too, in Castleville.

      I like my games to be nimble, creative, and undemanding. I've moved on to Draw Something. Fun stuff. :)