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Wednesday Briefs: Sealed in Stone #27

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I’m continuing with Sealed in Stone, M/M science fiction about Torrey and Willem, two human youths who love each other but must fight to stay together when Torrey becomes the Chosen of the alien Queen who rules over his people.

In this chapter, the boys are still gripped by Cyrrhi’s nuptial phase and things are about to get dangerous.

From this week’s numerous prompts, I chose a visual prompt. I rather think this guy looks like Nak, one of Cyrrhi’s prize men.   



Sealed in Stone #27

Sex flowed around them. Torrey kept Willem in his arms, needing him desperately but afraid of what might happen if he did not. Nuptial phases fed madness. He wanted only Willem to take him, to feed his body’s need to be filled. He did not dream—had never dreamed—of doing that to another. He feared Hari and the others might take the permission Cyrrhi had given Willem as permission to spend their sexual energy with him also. Surely She knew this, but such was her own nuptial fever the prospect probably amused her.

Willem’s strength served him well. All those long hours shaping stone gave him the energy for long hours of sex. Torrey held him now between his thighs, their cocks rubbing with frantic need. Being with Willem this way felt good, perfect and true. That Cyrrhi thought so too he knew because the Queen engaged them both, celebrating with hands or mouth the union of their bodies. It was a strange fascination on her part. Torrey didn’t understand it, neither did he have the mental presence at that moment to care. He knew only that he felt loved, and protected.

Willem pushed aside any other male who came near. What he might have done had Cyrrhi attempted to mount Torrey, or him, none of them knew. Cyrrhi satisfied her urges with Hari, Aktu, and Nak, one after the other.

Surely She was near her peak.

And then She was. She pushed away her men, pried Torrey’s mouth from Willem to seal with her lips along with a whisper. “I go forth. Soon you will know release.”

Release from the Queen’s phase, when all their bodies would surrender to exhaustion and sleep. As Willem panted in the grip of his thighs, Torrey returned Cyrrhi’s kiss. “Be fertile, my Queen,” he wished her.

“So sweet,” she said.

She rose and swept from the bed, golden and naked and enrobed with power. Willem’s mouth seized Torrey’s again before she’d even left the room.

“I need you more than ever,” Willem said.

“A few hours,” he murmured as the warriors pulled them apart, “just a few more hours.”

Not trusting any of the human males not to use their genitalia in ways their Queen would not want—and not possessing the intelligence to make distinctions of that kind—the warriors placed kramskins over all their members and locked these into place. Only then were they freed again to do whatever they would to ease their arousal. Aktu and Nak, as they always did, gravitated toward each other, leaving Hari, who had required five warriors to wrestle him into submission, on the floor.

He leaped at Willem and hauled him off the bed. Torrey wrapped his arms around Willem’s neck as Hari’s arms grappled Willem’s waist and together they all fell to the carpet. He was forced to let go as Hari rolled Willem onto his stomach.

“Know what you are? You’re just like me, a fucking toy!”

“Hari!” Torrey grabbed two handfuls of Hari’s sweat-soaked hair and pulled hard, but released it and rolled to one side as a bright spear blade as long as his arm jabbed down between him and the two men wrapped arms and legs on the floor. More warriors swarmed without blades, taking hold wherever they could and separating the combatants. None paid notice to the two men actively coupling on the bed.

“He jumped me!” Willem tried to wrestle free of the warriors, which was pointless. They didn’t care and just held him tighter. Same for Hari, who was screaming about his need to fuck.

Torrey spoke to the warrior standing with blade ready to protect him. That had been its goal all along. “Please,” he used the subordinate inflection to bolster the appearance of being nonthreatening as he pointed to Willem. “I calm this male. Calm him. No fight.” To Willem he said, “Stop fighting. It will let us be together if we don’t fight.”

As he’d hoped, Willem looked his way. They locked eyes and Torrey hoped with all that was in him Willem could be reached through the haze of aggression and fury that overcame human men during a nuptial phase. He rejoiced when Willem’s shoulders dropped and he relaxed in the grip of the warriors holding him fast.

“See? Calm.” Torrey knew warrior markings well enough to have identified this one as having more sway than the others. Dominance among warriors ran along scent lines, but visual markers were sources of pride.

“These two,” the warrior said. It indicated Torrey and Willem.

Released by the warriors, Willem reached for Torrey, but Torrey was already there and nearly sobbed with relief as his lover folded him into his arms.

“Didn’t I tell you don’t fight? Never fight.”

“I’ll always fight for you.” Willem’s mouth on his hair, the sexual growl in his voice, made Torrey melt into the kiss that followed.

It was Hari’s crazed laugh that warned them. Torrey forced himself from the sweetness of being with Willem to see what was happening around them. The warriors had released their captive and were pouring out of the room, into the corridor leading to the core of the nom. The corridor where Cyrrhi, only minutes before, had set out to join her mate. Screams, the clash of blades and weaponry, and the blood-curdling sounds of dying things resounded there.

“Think you’re so special? You’re done!” Hari cried. He lunged at Torrey but never made it. Willem gave the other man a push, sending him sprawling toward the chamber door.

On the bed, Nak and Aktu had untangled and now sat up, staring. “What’s going on?” Nak demanded.

“Why are the warriors fighting?” asked Aktu.

Queen war.

Their lives might now be worthless. Digging his fingers into the bare flesh of Willem’s wrist, Torrey pulled his friend with him, not toward the door and the warriors filling the corridor beyond it, but toward the drapes at the back of the chamber.


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  1. Thanks for more Torrey and William. Now all I can ask for is more, more and more!!!

    1. Oh, there's going to be more. :) This will be novel length (maybe) by the time I'm done with them.

  2. Ooooh. More and more exciting. Awesome.